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We offer a huge range of allied products & accessories being leading electrical infrastructure solution providers. We bestow due significance to appearance as well as durability. Even the most splendid electrical infrastructure can crumble if it has not been built upon a sturdy foundation. Therefore, for us, there is no middle ground for quality-related aspects. We only offer products which meet strictest quality parameters. Each product offered by us comes in a massive range to choose from. Hence, our consumer will have plenty of alternatives to make a choice. We have kept the interest of our clients above every other aspect. This client-centric objective drives us to bring on platter the most opulent & durable products & brands. We consider ourselves a partner in the journey of our customers for building a secure, stylish & classy electrical infrastructure for their residential as well as commercial projects.

Ding Dong Bells

Male-Female Plug Top

Multy Plug / Travel Adaptor

Jumbo / Play Bed Switch

Parallel / Multy Adaptor Holder

2 Pin / Single Pin Adeptor Holder

Digital / Manual Energy Meter

Round Plates

Delux 6A / 16A. Plug Top

Prime 6A / 16A. Plug Top

32 A. DP Switch

1-2 / 3-4 PVC MCB Enclosure



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