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Flex Boxes offer an enormous amount of suppleness to carry out countless tasks in electrical infrastructure. You may or may not have easy access to an electrical point, but these flex boxes will make sure you do get it. Each brand offered by us under the flexbox category offers a great amount of functional strength. They have satisfactory compatibility with multiple sockets across the range. We assure best in class quality in terms of permanence. We are utterly confident of the quality owing to the heavy-duty parts & excellent bodywork provided in each product under our catalogue. Hence, all our present clients will unquestionably vouch for the product supremacy offered by us. Flex boxes need to be chosen carefully as they are like portable power points which are exposed beyond the walls. Therefore, we only deal in brands &products which meet global safety standards in an absolute manner.

Bubble Flex Box

Square Flex Box

Pluto Flex Box

Aura Flex Box

Play Flex Box

Wheel Flex Box

Trio Flex Box

Zoom Flex Box



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